Member Spotlight: Kyle Ruffin

So many members have heard how Kyle feels about Impact100. As one of the founders and info session presenters, Kyle shares her feelings about the initiative she helped give birth to and the pride and joy it brings. In her words, Kyle tells us how Impact100 is about living out her purpose.

“I come from a long line of people who put others first. My parents and extended family, by example, taught me that a life well-lived is one that makes others smile, suffer less or supports them as they work to achieve their goals. It was a lesson that, until recently, I’m not sure I even realized was being beamed into my head.

Through reflective hindsight, I now see that I’ve always found a way to insert service to others into what ever I did. Even over the nine years I spent at KYW Newsradio, I devoted countless hours providing nonprofits with visibility on the station’s mighty airwaves. It was one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

During one leg of my one career, I choose to work in the nonprofit arena. I put my communications skills and knowledge to work earning exposure for United Way of Camden County and Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies. That intersection of communicating and making a difference is my personal sweet spot.

With Impact100, not only have I enjoyed being part of bringing this initiative to life along side my dedicated and engaged sisters, but I’ve enjoyed crafting and telling our story. I find what we as South Jersey women have achieved compelling, and I feel my heart warm every time I get to share it — no matter how many times I say the words.

Combining my two loves is a gift that I am genuinely grateful for. It is how I know I am living my purpose and giving back in a personally meaningful way.”

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