Member Spotlight: Lois Greco

Lois Greco has been a member of Impact100 SJ since its inaugural year, 2018.  After initial hesitation, Lois enthusiastically joined for two reasons: Kyle Ruffin asked her and she recognized that women’s collective philanthropy aligned perfectly with her values.  Lois is passionate about inspiring generosity, creating a culture of philanthropy, and building community.  Being a member of Impact100 SJ is one more way she can fulfill her mission of making the world more beautiful.  She has spent more than 2 decades of her professional life building her legacy and continues to do so on a personal level. Being in community with women whom she knew professionally, but now gets to know more personally is an extension of that work.  

Lois is very excited by the concept that women’s membership can be sponsored.  This is especially important to her as it gives younger women a pathway to learning about philanthropy at a time in their lives where they may lack the resources. Without this opportunity, they may not develop a philanthropic mindset or value system.  Membership in Impact100 SJ opens a door for them to create the next generation of generosity.

Currently a volunteer board member for Community Foundation of South Jersey, Lois is working with a coalition of individuals and organizations to launch Transform South Jersey, an initiative focused on building the civic capacity and regional pride of six South Jersey towns. Lois is also serving as a coach for Hammonton, one of the six participating towns. In addition, through her partnership with the Council of New Jersey Grantmakers, Lois is working with the COVID Response and Recovery Funds around the state to develop strategies  which coordinate philanthropic response to the many needs stemming from the pandemic.  There are currently 19 funds in the state responding to the emergency needs created by COVID-19 and the coalition is discussing ways to work together that will also aid in long-term recovery and build community resilience particularly for those most vulnerable  Working with the New Jersey philanthropic sector and CFSJ, Lois is advocating for South Jersey communities. 

Among Lois’ other passions is New Jersey, particularly her home region of South Jersey, and her children.  She shares, “This state is so rich in culture, natural beauty and resources, and diversity of geography.  There is much to be proud of and build from.”  Lois has 3 children – one who is a teacher and 2 high school students.  She hopes she has imparted to them the importance of being a part of community and for contributing to the greater good.