Volunteer Committees

Impact100 South Jersey is completely volunteer driven. Although members are only required to make their annual contribution, we encourage women who want to play a larger role to join one of the volunteer committees that carry out the work. We have found that our most fulfilled members are those who sit on one of our many committees.


Committee memberships are for one calendar year (ex. Jan-Dec 2023). If you are a renewing member who did not complete the committee section of the 2023 membership form, please click here to sign up or notify the committee chair.


Members are vital to the success of Impact100 South Jersey. Committee members formulate strategies to recruit new and renewing members and to plan and staff member information sessions and social events. This committee also works with members to better understand their experience with and ideas for Impact100 South Jersey

The Work: Detailed planning and coordination, contacting members and potential members.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Planning, detail orientation, relationship building, creativity, communication.

This committee is most active between August and December. Meetings are held frequently during this time, and most are virtual. Information sessions for potential members are typically in person events, and members of this committee attend when available. 

Intersection with Other Committees: The Membership Committee works most closely with PR/Communications, Resource Development and Finance & Administration.

Committee Chairs:  Angela Venti and Diane Ridgway

How to get involved:  email membership@impact100sj.org

Events Committee

Committee members plan and execute “The Big Reveal” in January when we gather all members to announce our membership total for the year and the Annual Meeting in June, our largest event. The Annual Meeting is attended by grant finalists as well as members. This Committee plans and manages the myriad pre- and post-meeting logistics for these two major events.  

The Work: Detailed event planning, assembling any gifts or materials to be distributed, registering members and guests at check in at events, serve as hosts along with Leadership Council members at all events, etc.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: planning, detail orientation, problem solving, creativity.

This Committee is most active in the Fall to plan for the Big Reveal and from early Spring through June for the Annual Meeting. Most meetings are virtual until we get closer to these events, at which point members meet in person and as frequently as needed. Meetings are generally held every two weeks in the months prior to a major event.

Intersection With Other Committees: The Events Committee works most closely with Membership, PR/Communications and Grants.

Committee Chair: Jill Lawlor
Vice Chair: Lindsey Feuer

How to get involved: email events@impact100sj.org  

Non-Profit Outreach (NPO) Committee

The role of the non-profit outreach committee is to strengthen connections with the non-profit community in the four counties (Camden, Burlington, Gloucester and Cumberland) that we serve. Currently, we do this by building relationships between Impact100SJ members and its grantees, both current and past. Committee members work with our grantees to identify and promote news, updates and ways to become more involved to our members. Eventually we will be expanding the work of the committee to include promoting our grant availability more widely to the nonprofit community.

The Work: Identifying, promoting and/or carrying out opportunities for members to become more involved and informed about our grantees.

Skills:  Willingness to roll up sleeves and get involved; also problem solving, creativity, and attention to detail.

This Committee is most active from September – June. Monthly meetings are held virtually during the daytime.

Intersection With Other Committees: This committee currently works most closely with the PR/Communications and Finance committees.

Co-Chairs: Valerie Buickerood & Sue Levy-Polikoff
How to get involved: email grants@impact100sj.org

Grant Finance

Committee members review the financial information provided by grant applicants to ensure they meet our eligibility criteria. This is the first step in the annual grant process.

The Work:  Reviewing audited financial statements provided by potential grant applicants.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Members do not need to have accounting experience but should be familiar with basic finance and accounting concepts and be comfortable using spreadsheets.  Members will need to review balance sheets and profit and loss statements and compare them to established criteria.    

This Committee is most active in December and early January. Meetings are virtual. Members attend several meetings and mainly work individually between meetings to review financials.

Intersection With Other Committees: The Events Committee works closely with Non-Profit Outreach and Grant Review.

Chair:  Pam Brant
Vice Chair: Judith Robinson

How to get involved:  email grants@impact100sj.org 

Grant Review Committee

The Grant Review Committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating grant proposals submitted to Impact100 SJ from eligible local non-profit organizations. Each grant proposal is  reviewed by one of three Focus Area Committees (FAC): are Women, Children and Families; Education; and Community Health and Wellbeing. Each Grant Review Committee member will be given the opportunity to choose which FAC they would like to serve on. 

The Work:  Reviewing and evaluating grant proposals; attending and participating in three mandatory meetings; attending optional site visits. All FAC members will receive a grant review outline to guide them through the review and evaluation process as well as training at the first meeting.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Ability to devote time and objectively review grant proposals; ability to attend three mandatory Focus Area Committee meetings and participate in group discussions regarding grant proposals. Desire to learn more about non-profits organizations by attending site visits are encouraged for all who are able but not mandatory. No grant review experience is required. No experience with budgets is required.

This Committee is most active late February through May, and members must attend three meetings.   The first meeting will take place in late February/early March and is a training session lasting approximately one hour. In mid-March, FAC members will receive the grant proposals for their focus area. The number of proposals varies from year to year. FAC members will have several weeks to review the proposals prior to the second mandatory meeting in late April. At this meeting, FAC members will discuss their prior review of each proposal and decide which proposals they would like to learn more about by attending a site visit with the sponsoring non-profits. The number of site visits varies from year to year and attendance is not mandatory. Following the site visits, each FAC holds their third and final mandatory meeting in late May, at which they discuss the findings from the site visits and choose one proposal as their focus area finalist. The time commitment for the second and third mandatory meetings will vary based on the number of proposals under discussion and the amount of discussion, but they are typically about 2 hours.

As of now, all meetings and site visits will be in-person. The three FAC meetings are tentatively scheduled to be held in locations in Voorhees, Mt. Laurel and Moorestown. The Community Health & Wellbeing and Women Children & Families FACs meet in the evening. The Education FAC meeting times are in the afternoon.  

Intersection With Other Committees: The Grant Review Committee coordinates with the Grant Finance Review Committee which reviews the financial standing of each proposed applicant to determine financial eligibility. Only those non-profits deemed eligible by the Grant Finance Review Committee will be invited to submit a proposal.

Committee Co-Chairs: Irene Giman and Ronda Urkowitz

How to get involved:  email grantreview@impact100sj.org

Communications & PR Committee

Committee members work to communicate with members and to generate exposure for Impact100 South Jersey through traditional print, radio and television media as well as social media. This Committee is responsible for our website and designs tools and methods for communicating with members, grantees and the broader public to make the impact of our work visible and valued. 

The Work:  Identifying media opportunities, developing and executing strategies for member communications and social media, etc.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Prior experience in some aspect of marketing, public relations and/or electronic communication is strongly preferred. The work of this Committee will benefit from your knowledge of social media for organizations and brand building, organizational skills, relationship building, and ability to work independently.

This Committee is active throughout the year and is especially active in the Summer and Fall months when we are working to encourage new and renewing membership, encouraging non-profits to apply, and after grants are awarded at the Annual Meeting. This Committee meets more on an ad hoc basis and members work on initiatives independently or with others as appropriate. Time commitment can be flexible. 

Intersection With Other Committees: This Committee works closely with all others as well as with the Leadership Council. 

Chair:  Ellen Ragone
How to get involved:  email communications@impact100sj.org 

Resource Development

Committee members work to secure corporate and other sponsorships that allow Impact100 South Jersey to offset our administrative costs, member recruitment and member engagement activities.  Committee members manage our sponsor relationships and help ensure that they benefit from their support through exposure and recognition.  

The Work:  Proactively reaching out to sponsors and potential sponsors to build relationships and encourage their support for our mutual benefit.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Prior experience in sales, marketing, and general business administration. Strong communication and organizational skills are needed.

This Committee active throughout the year.
Intersection With Other Committees: The Resource Development Committee works most closely  with the Membership and Events Committees and with the Communications/PR Committee.

Co-Chair: Ellen Ragone
Vice Chair: Shereen Chen Gray
How to get involved:  email sponsorship@impact100sj.org 

Finance and Administration

Committee members manage the financial aspects of Impact100 South Jersey and provide administrative support for the organization and the Leadership Council as needed. This Committee tracks and monitors membership and sponsorship contributions and provides valuable financial oversight in the management of our funds, expenses and committee budgets, ensuring we make the best, most efficient use of our funds.

The Work: Tracking the sources and uses of all money coming in (memberships, sponsorships) and money distributed and spent (grants, operating expenses). This Committee works with all Committee chairs to help develop their budgets for the coming grant year and works with grantees in distributing grant funds and tracking and reviewing the reports submitted by grantees.

Skills & Experience Most Helpful: Prior experience in general business administration and accounting. Strong communication and organizational skills are needed.

This Committee is active throughout the year.

Intersection With Other Committees: The Finance and Administration Committee works with all Committees, and most closely with Membership and Resource Development.

Chair:  Pam Brant

How to get involved: email pbrant@symphonyinc.org

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Task Force

The Leadership Council has established a Task Force to explore ways that Impact100 South Jersey can positively and meaningfully influence diversity, equity and inclusion within our region, through the work of all aspects of our organization. At this time the Task Force is made up primarily of LC members representing each of our committees. We are in the early stages of developing our strategy, as well as engaging with other Impact100 chapters to share information and practices. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives will be led through the work of our established committees.
Questions regarding the Task Force can be directed to Lysa Dahlin at diversity@impact100SJ.org.