Member Spotlight: Kim Moon

Kim Moon is a founding member of Impact100 South Jersey.  Having been a member of Impact100 Philadelphia for many years, she knew well that a group of women joining together, pooling their philanthropic dollars, and partnering with local non-profits could be a real force for change in the community. During the summer of 2017, Kim was introduced to a group of women who were about to launch an Impact100 chapter in South Jersey and was thrilled to help bring that momentum to the community where she has lived for almost 30 years. 

As the founding Grants Chair, Kim greatly values the experience she has had these past few years. Of the women Kim has met through the process and all that she has learned, she shares that, “Impact100 SJ’s grant review process seems to attract so many insightful, thoughtful women — many of whom have never read a grant proposal before, yet they bring so much wisdom and compassion to the process. She added, “I’ve come to know so much about our South Jersey community through the work of local non-profits. The four counties that we serve are comprised of different landscapes, different stories, and different challenges, and each year we learn about organizations doing such important work, yet striving to do even more.”

Kim feels that Impact100 SJ plays an important part even for nonprofits who don’t receive grants. “We may not be able to fund every organization that applies to us, but we can help increase awareness and maybe even involvement with some of the less visible organizations in our midst. I think that’s the legacy of every one who is part of Impact100. In small ways, and maybe at times larger ways, we are all working together to make some type of enduring mark on our community.”

Kim has met many women during the last few years at Impact100 SJ, but a few things that people may not have learned about her is that she is a very serious Bruce Springsteen fan, she is part of a national group of adult women who bond over a 1940s-era children’s book series about lifelong friends called the Betsy-Tacy books, and that she and her husband Tom eloped instead of having a wedding. They have since spent almost 3 decades raising their daughter Savannah and oodles of doodle dogs in South Jersey. 

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