MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Teressa Moore Griffin

It pays to have friends in high places. Invited by Impact100 SJ founding member Kyle Ruffin to join the movement, organizational development consultant and executive coach Teressa Moore Griffin liked the notion of collaboration and pooling resources to support making a greater impact than she could otherwise make on her own.

Teressa has been a long-time supporter of philanthropic causes, though Impact100 SJ struck her differently. She is heartened and touched by its mission to develop a spirit of community among local women who also value combining resources to have a greater impact.

As an early joiner, Teressa attended one of the first membership information meetings and found that Impact100 SJ is everything that Kyle described it to be. Following the first membership drive, Teressa submitted her initial contribution to the organization. And, she hasn’t looked back in her unwavering support.

Viewing her life as an abundant blessing, Teressa feels deeply that she has a responsibility to share and give back, which she is committed to doing. She is proud that because of her contribution, Impact100 SJ can help a growing number of local organizations become more sustainable because of the collective giving model.

In particular, Teressa values the power of the feminine energy approach to searching the environment for just the right organizations to give to and to have that decision be a collective and nurturing one. In some ways, it feels like a new model and in some ways, it feels like a uniquely feminine model.

She embraces Impact100 SJ’s departure from the authoritative, paternalistic “I know best” approach to philanthropy and instead applauds the collective coming together to look at the stories of potential grantees. Together, Impact100 SJ membership speaks with its votes and voices, deciding together how to leverage its collective funding and collaboration. In her view, Teressa favors this model as an optimum form of feminine leadership.

In a myriad of ways over the years, Teressa continues to support Impact100 SJ as it continues to grow into a formidable force for good.

Professionally since 1987, Teressa has worked with national and international companies, supporting the growth and success of their c-level executives.

Driven by a commitment to self-awareness and personal growth, Teressa is uniquely skilled at guiding clients to clarify their true essence by identifying their strengths. She has taught hundreds of clients how to succeed by recognizing their unique gifts, identifying personal goals and eliminating beliefs that limit their success and fulfillment.

Teressa works with individuals and small and large groups who are intent to move past their obstacles — real or perceived — that stand between them and their personal life and career goals.  

In her best-selling book “LIES That Limit: Uncover the Truth of Who You Really Are,” Teressa provides compelling reasons that so many people fail to achieve their dreams.  LIES™ — an acronym for Labels, Illusions, Excuses & Stories — have a paralyzing affect that can only be addressed once they are identified. Tearing down limiting LIES™ is at the heart of Teressa’s personal coaching approach.

Since 2016, Teressa has devoted significant time and resources to governance roles at the Institute of Core Energetics, a New York not-for-profit organization whose training programs teach practitioners how to work with clients to facilitate personal transformation through expanded self-awareness and evolution of their capacity to make more constructive choices. After completing the program in 1997, Teressa served on the faculty and then pivoted to board service. Since 2017, she has served as board chair.

In addition to her thriving Spirit of Purpose business, Teressa enjoys dividing her time between her Philadelphia and Florida residences.