Member Spotlight: Julie Strohlein

Meet Julie Strohlein.

She’s one of the new members of the Impact100 SJ Leadership Council, serving as our treasurer. She is also one of the 5 women sponsored by our generous supporter Alloy Silverstein Accountants and Advisors.

In Her Words…here’s why she finds being involved with Impact100 South Jersey so rewarding.

“Like many people, I have been involved in various charitable endeavors over the years.  Often this consists of simply donating money, but sometimes the investment is greater and I give my time.  Whether this is by serving on a non-profit board, volunteering to help with my sons’ sports teams, or leading a team at my company’s annual adopt-a-family program, the act of giving my time always makes me feel more connected to the project.  

I am thrilled to be doing that for Impact100 SJ in the capacity as treasurer for 2020.  I was introduced to the organization last year and attended the reveal event where the total number of members was announced. It was great to recognize a few familiar faces that I didn’t know were involved, but it was more rewarding to meet new friends.  

Since all members are encouraged to join a committee, I signed up for the grant review committee.  As a CPA, I have done financial statement review for non-profit entities in the past, but I was thrilled to see that the grant review committee didn’t require any experience!  I wanted to learn about the non-financial side of grant review, but I wasn’t sure if I would know how to help.

It turns out that the committee was filled with smart, thoughtful, and respectful women who came from many different career paths.  We were able to freely voice our opinions, and I was often amazed at the perspective and knowledge of those who asked a question about something I had never even considered.  Being on the committee allowed me to attend the site visit where we spent several hours learning about the nominee and asking many questions.  It was great to really get to know them.  It was truly rewarding to see how seriously the committee took its responsibility for nominating an entity for the grant.  We knew that we needed to make sure we were advancing a nominee that was worthy of receiving the grant because the members of Impact100 SJ entrusted us with that task.

Helping a worthy non-profit by donating money is important, but my involvement with Impact100 SJ has enriched me with new friends and connections and an appreciation for my fellow members.  I hope many more women get to share this experience.”

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