Member Spotlight: Wendy Frantz

Meet Wendy Frantz.

You may recognize her from the 2019 Annual Meeting. She was the lovely lady accompanying the photographer and collecting names of the guests. That photographer was Kerry Walsh of Kerry Anne Photography — Wendy’s former student.

Like many of our members, Wendy believes in introducing the next generation to collective giving.

In Her Words…here’s what attracted Wendy to Impact100 South Jersey.

“I first heard about Impact100 SJ from my friend Judy Greenberg. She was incredibly excited about the work she was doing to provide grant money to nonprofit organizations in South Jersey. Her enthusiasm was infectious and I attended an information session at the Haddon Fortnightly to learn more about it.

There I learned everything I needed to know; joining Impact100 SJ was a great opportunity to meet other women who wanted to combine efforts to  support the work of nonprofit organizations in South Jersey.

Giving feels good. I like knowing that the collective contribution of Impact100 SJ provides vital services to people in need and strengthens the South Jersey community. Additionally, it is inspiring and meaningful to collaborate and build friendships with other women who care about serving the public good. 

This year, my second as a member of Impact100 SJ, I am taking on new responsibilities as the Event Chair. I am looking forward to working with committee members to develop an exciting plan for our upcoming Annual Event and celebrating both the victories of the grant winners as well as another season of collective philanthropy with my friends at Impact100 SJ.”