In 2015, the seed was planted for what would ultimately become Impact 100 South Jersey.  As a founding member of Impact, Theresa and the other founding members watered the seed, and their labor, along with those who came along side of them, produced a new source of funding for the good work being done in the South Jersey community. 

The basis of a women’s giving circle was supported by the Community Foundation of South Jersey.  The goal was to establish a fund within CFSJ that would support not for profits that do great work throughout South Jersey.  After many meetings and conversations, Impact was born.

Theresa hosted the first-ever informational launch event at her home in September 2017. “Needless to say, I was overly impressed that $74,000 was raised for the initial grant awards,” said Theresa. She added that “the most rewarding aspect is that women collectively can make a difference. And, as a result, a funding source was created through the diligence and dedication of women who care about the South Jersey community.”  Since this time, Impact has grown even more.  In 2021, Impact100 South Jersey is gave away $200,000 in grants to organizations in South Jersey.  The vision of Theresa and the initial founders has now more than exceeded what they thought would happen in six years.

Prior to, and after being a founding member of Impact 100 South Jersey, Theresa has been busy as a business owner.  Her first business was a successful land use planning and engineering company she and her husband started in 1979.  Theresa is also a real estate developer and an entrepreneur.  She has produced and marketed a board game that was sold at Toys R Us, as well as the owner of a pizza shop and the owner of a home furnishings store which offered interior design services.  Theresa’s newest venture is Bluefield Homes, a wellness real estate development company focused on developing a home health standard for all levels of housing.  She has also served on other not for profit boards as well as civic and academic advisory boards. 

In addition to Theresa’s entrepreneurial endeavors, her and Larry have raised three sons and have eight amazing grandchildren.