Member Spotlight: Pam Brant

For Pam Brant, it’s not only the grant funding, it’s the opportunity to think strategically that provides impact.

As President of the arts nonprofit Symphony in C, Pam’s passion is mentoring small and emerging arts organizations.  Impact100 SJ aligned perfectly with her personal goals, so when Kyle Ruffin asked her to join in year one, she enthusiastically said yes and has been a member since!  

“Not only are small and emerging arts organizations looking for the type of financial resources a grant from Impact100 SJ provides, but the core mission grant application itself offers a perfect opportunity for organizations to work very strategically with their staff and board to plan the next logical step toward their organization’s sustainability. Small nonprofits feel they need to apply for every grant that comes their way, often at the sacrifice of long term organizational planning. The Impact100 SJ grant gives them an opportunity to examine their mission, who they are serving, and what they need to make a bigger impact in their communities.  This can be identifying a new program opportunity that requires a significant initial investment, but may ultimately help generate new earned and contributed revenues to move the organization forward and become sustainable.”

Pam came to the nonprofit sector inadvertently after a career in Real Estate.  Having learned so much from participating in Rutgers Institute for Ethical Leadership and Lead NJ, she recognized the value of mentorship and how it was needed in the arts community.  Pam was searching for a way to “pay it forward” by mentoring small arts organizations and Impact100 SJ offered this opportunity to build on her legacy.  Additionally, Pam is excited by the gathering of like-minded women who want to make an impact in their communities through collective giving. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Donating $1,000 to a charity is a nice contribution, but joining forces with 99 other women to donate $100,000 that may very well transform that organization is magical! 

Beyond giving, Pam is honored to serve on the grants committee, the financial review committee, and most recently on the “Why Women Give” committee. The involvement has been educational and very rewarding.  The grants committee in particular reinforced the added value that Impact100 SJ provides for nonprofits to share their impact through the application process or during the finalist presentations where members learn more about the work being done in their community.  Indeed, many in the membership have been inspired to become volunteers and individual donors – something all nonprofits need.

When asked what she would like future members to know, Pam shared, “In my lifetime, there has never been a more opportune moment to help strengthen the nonprofits of South Jersey. By combining the financial resources of the Impact100 members, we have the power to truly make a difference in our communities.  I am honored to be a part of it.”