Member Spotlight: Mimi Butler

Mimi Butler calls herself a ‘volunteer-holic’. When she attended middle school, someone asked her to go door to door to raise money for a disease. She knew then that a great part of her life would be to always give back.

Mimi’s parents were extremely active with Einstein hospital, Philadelphia. Originally, they were involved only with the Philadelphia Psychiatric hospital, later named Belmont Comprehensive Center. Her mother volunteered weekly at this hospital for the psychiatric needs of children and adults. When Mimi was a teenager, she joined her mother at weekend events. She even remembers winning a basket of wine at a luncheon before age 21.

Once Mimi’s Mom passed, Mimi continued her legacy at Belmont organizing holiday parties and fundraisers. Now, while Einstein no longer owns Belmont, Mimi is involved with Einstein hospital as a Friends of Einstein board member. She supports the Harvest Ball, Doctors’ Day, flowers from friends, the annual mental health movie night and other events, when needed.

Mimi tries to follow in her parents’ footsteps with philanthropy and volunteerism. Her parents, even years after their passing, are still considered legacy donors. The Einstein / Jefferson Harvest Ball this November will be honoring past legacy donors, including Mimi’s parents.

In 2016, Mimi became involved with Symphony in C (SIC), a non-profit training orchestra (one of three in the country) based in South Jersey. This path seemed natural for her since she was a musician and teacher for 50 years. From the beginning of her time with SIC, Mimi has been the Education Committee Chair, forming a youth orchestra and keeping the day camp alive. Mimi is also a vice chair of the board.

Impact100 South Jersey co-founder Kyle Ruffin is a long-time family friend and once Mimi learned about the organization, she seized the opportunity to become a member of the South Jersey chapter and joined the Events committee.

Now, Mimi is also a member of the Impact100 South Jersey Communications/PR committee, drafting member profiles and assisting with display tables. She is so impressed with the initiative in general because of the large sums that it awards to the local nonprofit community. Further, the South Jersey chapter amazes her with its quick growth, communication/PR and amazing and well-attended events.

Mimi also gives to ‘Joyful Readers’, a new non-profit that places full-time tutors into Philadelphia elementary schools to help children learn to read. She finds it difficult to decline an opportunity to support a great cause and make an impact in the lives of others. Her baking hobby helps her to give baked goods for fundraising purposes.

Mimi taught music (mostly violin and viola) for 40 years. She often performed for free for non-profit events and assists teachers at no cost. Now, Mimi owns and manages commercial real estate in Bucks County, PA.

After living in Haddonfield for 32 years, Mimi and Steve Butler now reside on the West side of Cherry Hill and on the bay in Ventnor, NJ. Steve worked for KYW Newsradio for the better part of 40 years. Now, in retirement, he teaches at Temple Universityand is a board member of the Haddonfield Rotary.

Mimi cannot envision slowing down as the needs are too great. As a member of Impact100 South Jersey, she is inspired to continue her lifelong journey of philanthropy.