Introduced to Impact100 South Jersey via casual conversations with several existing members, Michele warmed to the idea of becoming a part of a women’s philanthropic group that makes a reverberating impact throughout the South Jersey region.

Michele’s interest was piqued by attending one of the organization’s annual membership information sessions, traditionally held during the Fall months. She filled in some of the gaps of the grantmaking process and felt led to unite with the purpose-driven group’s mission.

While Michele is no stranger to charitable giving, she recognized the greater impact she could have by joining forces with other local women for the greater good, to truly make a lasting impact for our South Jersey neighbors.

Testing fate, Michele relays the story of the first informational call on which then-Impact 100 South Jersey President Judy Greenberg attended. Ironically, Michele’s recently deceased mother’s name was also Judy Greenberg. Michele received that as a sign which supported her inclination to join the organization.

A former Philadelphia resident, Michele has called South Jersey home for over 30 years. Until she had her third child, Michele was a working professional as an engineer/project manager for several regional companies before she pivoted to more community-oriented positions.

As a new 2022 member, Michele jumped right into committee assignments. First, as a member of the Grant Review – Community Health and Wellness, the Non-Profit Outreach and Events committees, she received deep and valuable lessons in numerous facets of how Impact100 South Jersey operates, from several different vantage points. And, she has enjoyed them all.

One of the most rewarding experiences in Michele’s tenure so far has been to be introduced to so many regional charitable organizations that were previously unknown to her. Learning the breadth of the work they do and how receiving an Impact100 South Jersey grant would be, in many cases, a gamechanger for such worthwhile causes, has been a rewarding experience.

Reviewing and evaluating grantee applications in a committee setting wherein members often advocate for certain causes has proven to be an eye-opening and expansive experience for Michele. The experience has afforded her a broader perspective into the non-profit world with its many challenges and heartstring initiatives.

As a former Jewish Community Center Program Associate for Adult, Judaic and Cultural Department and Coordinator for Jewish Film Festival, Michele knows events and the many facets required to facilitate successful ones. Her experience has been greatly appreciated by Impact100 South Jersey’s Events committee in planning and hosting its numerous and varied events throughout the year, the largest one being the Annual Event, held in June each year.

For 2023, Michele is part of the Non-Profit Outreach (NPO) committee that builds relationships between Impact100 members and the grantees using events and news to become more involved with the grantees.  The NPO committee is also looking into the process for non-profits with smaller budgets to be considered for grants. She enjoys the positive energy and hands-on activity.

In her leisure time, Michele enjoys reading, painting, and staying physically active as a runner, swimmer, and cyclist. Impressively, she has participated in several triathlons and half marathons over the years. First, however, she’ll need to continue to let her foot heal (another story).

Family has always been a priority for Michele, and she delights in seeing her three adult children and husband thrive.

Through her continued involvement with Impact100 South Jersey, Michele looks forward to sharing the unique community and philanthropic opportunities with others in her network and neighborhood.