Lisa Paparone joined Impact100 South Jersey the year the group was formed.  I was drawn to the idea of pooling money from various donors so one large donation could be made. “The word ‘impact’ is so perfect because that’s exactly what this organization does — it creates a way for donors to make a real impact with their donation,” said Lisa.

As an accountant, Lisa has helped guide the organization as a member of the Financial Review Committee.  Also, with her background, Lisa added, “After having seen how Impact100 works and how the recipient organizations have benefited, I’m even more attracted to the idea of collective giving.”

Lisa has her own business which keeps her quite busy during tax season.   Having “survived” the last two tax seasons, which were substantially more challenging than usual, given the complications of new COVID-19 related hurdles and tax legislation that passed and went into effect in the middle of the busy season, she has some sound advice.  “All I can say is, please be kind to your accountant. It’s been a tough couple of years!”

But, it is not all numbers for Lisa. During whatever free time she can find, Lisa writes fiction.  She has been in the same writer’s workshop for over 25 years.  “The workshop keeps me motivated to keep writing and provides feedback. But, it’s been more of a hobby than a pursuit to get published,” she explained.

Impact100 South Jersey is grateful for members like Lisa who are willing to help further our mission by giving financially and donating their time and expertise. “I have met a few of the amazing women who are involved with Impact100 who inspire me.  Obviously, due to COVID-19, the ability to interact was limited. Furthermore, the committee on which I serve operates mostly remotely so interaction is limited there as well. Still, I do know there are (and will be!) opportunities to get involved to a greater degree in the future.”