Member Spotlight: Jen Laver

Jen is one of our Leadership Council Members as well as a Charter Member who was sponsored by her employer, the law firm Weber Gallagher. Here’s why she believe Impact100 South Jersey is a good community for her.

My entire life I’ve been inspired by my mother and grandmothers to give back. All three of these very special women made time to volunteer for organizations they felt passionate about, making certain to donate not only money but their time. I remember accompanying my mom as a child to wrap gifts to raise money for various charitable organizations.

I joined Impact100 South Jersey the first year because I thought it was a wonderful idea to have so many amazing women join together to fund such an impactful grant. I feel it is important for women to work together and Impact 100 provides us, not only a way to give back to the South Jersey community, but to show how strong, smart and dedicated we are as women. Serving as a Leadership Council member for the organization has strengthened my passion for what we seek to accomplish.

One of the more amazing things about Impact100 South Jersey is that we allow each woman to individually decide how much or how little they want to be involved. Each member not only gives a monetary donation, but is a part of the process by volunteering time on a committee and voting.