Written by Valerie Buickerood

New 2023 Impact100 South Jersey member Betty Maul is a firm believer in collective giving and doing her part to give back. “I believe one person at a time makes all of our communities better. As for me, I volunteer, that is what I do!

Betty is the owner of FrontEnd Graphics Inc., in Cherry Hill. FrontEnd is an award-winning certified Women Owned Small Business and member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. 

As a member of the South Jersey Women in Business, which is an Impact100 SJ sponsor, Betty knew many of Impact100’s members and learned about its model of collective philanthropy. Becoming a member was a natural fit for her.

The most rewarding aspect of becoming a member says Betty, “is that we can assist local nonprofits in a big way through the grant application process. The pandemic gutted many of their budgets and programs, so hopefully with the process established through Impact100, our members can help them bounce back to assist in fulfilling all the needs in our communities.”

As a new member, Betty jumped right in to get involved on two Impact100 SJ committees – the Communications/PR committee and the Nonprofit Outreach committee. She feels both committees will benefit from her background in nonprofit donor development. Betty loves being hands on in her philanthropic work. 

She has served on the board of a nonprofit and is involved with many nonprofits in the area by consulting on donor programs, helping them with their data management, and volunteering in a hands-on capacity for their events. Her business also sponsors many local and national programs, and she donates personally to causes she is passionate about. 

Collective giving fits well with Betty’s personal and professional commitment to philanthropy. “Collective giving totally helps one person help many people. I love that this is a local outreach program”, Betty shared. 

When asked what inspired her interest in philanthropy, Betty shared that, “I think most people who become involved with a nonprofit or charity have been impacted by a personal experience. My daughter was diagnosed with a terrible disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSD/CRPS) many years ago. I rolled up my sleeves and charged in full speed to assist in raising money for this cause, volunteered for the board, chaired their annual event for many years, and the rest is history. The busiest people always seem to find the time to give back. Sometimes you simply need to ask or pull that heartstring to prompt them to raise their hand in your efforts”.

When she is not volunteering, Betty has an exceptionally full schedule! 

In addition to being a business owner of a print and mail company for over 30 years, she is a contributing author to “The Book of Wisdom” which is a print industry publication in conjunction with Cal Polytech, and The Benjamin Franklin Society. 

Both my company and I have been the recipient of many print and personal awards over the years. I was fortunate all those years ago to have the support of my husband Bob, who is also my partner at FrontEnd. Without his support, I could have never managed family life and started a business with three young children. I am the proud mother of three amazing children and 11 grandchildren. I am thrilled that during my time at RSDSA, I raised over one million dollars for the charity. I feel very blessed in all of these things”.

Naturally, Betty requires a hobby to create balance in her life. She loves gardening and has a vast collection of orchids. She regards gardening as a more cost-effective form of therapy and finds it very relaxing. She describes herself as a person with a ton of energy, a wealth of knowledge, a giving heart, and a passion for people. She believes that the ability to change one person’s life is the greatest gift and says, “I love giving hearts.”