How One Member Leveraged Her Impact

In June, Impact100 SJ members awarded Ronald McDonald House of Southern NJ $27,500 to replace the carpet throughout the Camden facility with easier to maintain flooring. They had applied for the $100k Core Mission Grant for this project, but our members were thrilled that the organization didn’t walk away empty-handed. We knew they, at least, had a large chunk of what they needed to complete the renovation. But that wasn’t enough for Jackie Cometz, who became part of Impact100 SJ collective giving initiative last October.

Impact100 SJ Leadership Council presents Ronald McDonald House of Southern NJ with $27.5k General Operating Grant.

“It was Divine Intervention that I joined the group prior to this event because when I hear the word “flooring” …. my ears perk up!” Cometz shared. “I approached Executive Director Teddy Thomas at the Annual Meeting to let her know that our company, General Floor, would be willing to help the organization obtain the flooring at cost, in order to get the most for their money.” 

Jackie’s husband, David, immediately went to work. General Floor was able to provide the flooring products at cost and was able to reach out to installers that also wanted to assist in completing the work with the Impact100 SJ grant.

The work has already begun!

“We are so excited to have the first two bedrooms converted from carpet to beautiful, clean flooring.” Thomas told Jackie in an email. “Our families were excited to peak in the rooms and see. Then they wanted to know if their room is next.  This will be a wonderful transformation with your help.” 

For Jackie Cometz, who served on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee, this year, Impact100 has been a family affair. In addition to engaging her husband and their company for this project and as a sponsor, her daughter Lindsay donated her videography skills, recording the annual meeting. We look forward to sharing Lindsay’s video on our website, social media and during fall membership recruitment.

Bringing together passionate and concerned women through Impact100 South Jersey results in more than just transformational grants. Impact100 educates and connects people to the needs right in our back yard.

In Jackie’s words: “We should encourage all members to look for those opportunities to help in ways that may not seem obvious and go beyond the ordinary parameters of Impact100 membership.”

Thank you Jackie, David and General Floors for your generosity.

Ronald McDonald House’s Teddy Thomas and General Floor’s Jackie Cometz.