GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT: Grantee Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge Builds Watershed Dock

Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge’s mission is the preservation of New Jersey’s wildlife and habitats through education, conservation, and rehabilitation, serving as a community resource on the importance of protecting and enhancing healthy ecosystems for all. This is the second time Woodford Cedar Run was awarded a $50,000 Impact100 South Jersey grant. It provided nearly full funding for the creation of a newly-completed Watershed Study Dock and Pavilion for New Jersey Student Environmental Education. The new structure makes an impact for countless children and families for years to come with increased capacity for the services they provide. 

About the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Based in Medford, New Jersey, their work has a profound impact on environmental protection across New Jersey and the surrounding region. As an organization, the vision is that the treatment and rehabilitation services Cedar Run provides to injured and/or orphaned wildlife in New Jersey serve to educate, inspire, and instill a sense of stewardship in youth and residents throughout the region, leading to increased protection of natural resources. Cedar Run currently has a staff of 13 full-time professionals and several part-time employees, along with over 250 dedicated volunteers who provide a combined total of more than 65,000 hours of volunteer service annually. All people are invited to respectfully experience the property and programs. Just as biodiversity is a sign of ecosystem health, Cedar Run is enriched by people from different backgrounds and life experiences.

Programming includes high-quality field trips, engaging classroom presentations and informative programming. Facilities include a Nature Center with classroom and Pinelands exhibits, outdoor Wildlife Housing Area with nearly 60 resident wild animals and a covered Picnic Pavilion. Cedar Run is the perfect spot for exploring the outdoors with 3 miles of hiking trails through 171 acres of upland forests and wetlands with a 7-acre cedar lake. Field trips to Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge complement the NJ state learning standards and numerous STEM and NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas and are easily adapted to cover coursework at private schools, homeschool and youth groups, and adult audiences. Cedar Run also offers the Refuge on Wheels programs so that children and adults can interact with nature at their location.

Beyond the Check: Additional Ways To Support Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge

Private Members-Only Event on November 18th

We are hosting a BEYOND THE CHECK event at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge on November 18th. Members and sponsors are invited to come see the new Watershed Dock and Pavilion, meet the resident animals and learn about environmental water quality.  [Learn more about this and other Beyond the Check events.]

Volunteer At or Donate To Cedar Run

Volunteer opportunities at the refuge include the wildlife hospital, helping with educational programs, birthday parties, etc. Greeting visitors at the Nature Center, repairing wildlife enclosures and grounds maintenance are always needed as well as helping with various events and festivals. Please email heather.evans@cedarrun.org if you are interested in volunteering. Cedar Run specifically requests no phone calls to volunteer.

There are many opportunities for giving including symbolically adopting resident Wildlife Ambassadors, monthly giving with benefits, event sponsorships, Guardians of the Wild Annual Sponsorship. Cedar Run also maintains a wish list for in-kind giving of critical and much needed items.