Grant FAQs

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What is the amount of the 2019 grant?

Our membership total for 2019 is 155 women, so we will be awarding a total of $155,000 to organizations located in the South Jersey counties of Camden, Burlington, Gloucester and Cumberland. The Focus Area finalist  receiving the most votes at our Annual Meeting will be awarded a $100,000 core mission grant. The other two finalists will each be awarded $27,500 in general operating support.

What do you mean by a grant in support of “core mission”?

We want our grant award to make a true impact on an organization and those that it serves. We encourage our applicants to think about the organization’s mission and to conceptualize a project of significance that will carry it to the next level. This can include programs or services, necessary repairs to infrastructure, or other initiatives.

Do you provide guidance as to which Focus Area our organization should apply for?

No, we do not provide advice about selecting a Focus Area. Each organization must make that decision for itself, based on the focus of the proposal.

How does Impact100 SJ decide who receives the grant? 

Each of the three Focus Areas has its own Grant Review Committee, made up of Impact100 SJ members, who will review and evaluate every aspect of the proposal. Those organizations whose proposals may be considered as a finalist in that Focus Area will then receive a site visit.

After each committee completes the site visits and selects its finalist, all Impact100 SJ members then receive information on the three finalists. The finalists attend our Annual Meeting that will take place in June and make presentations about their proposals. Impact100 SJ members will vote by individual ballot, and that vote determines the grant recipients. The grant award is then announced at the end of the Annual Meeting.

Can we include additional materials with our proposal, such as a brochure or a report?

No, please submit only the documents requested. We will not consider anything else received as part of your proposal.

Our organization does not have its own 501(c)(3). May we apply if we have a fiscal sponsor? 

No. As a collective grant-making organization, we are responsible for awarding the donations of many generous women. Therefore, we require our applicants to meet all of our eligibility requirements, and we are very diligent about doing thorough reviews to ensure the organization that we select to receive our grant is financially stable and sustainable. We request that your organization operate under its own 501(c)(3) status or be a local affiliate applying under the 501(c)(3) of the national organization.

Will Impact100 South Jersey consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?

Yes, as long as one of the collaborating organizations acts as the lead organization, applying as if it were an individual organization on behalf of the collaboration. The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions and liabilities of the grant, if it is received.

May we submit as part of a collaborative project and then separately as an individual organization?

No. Each organization may only submit one grant application each year.

Can a faith-based organization apply for a grant? 

In order to be eligible for an Impact100 SJ grant, faith-based or church affiliated organizations must submit projects or programs open to all, regardless of religion. We do not fund programs or projects which restrict participation due to religion, focus primarily on religious activities or aim to convert participants to a certain religion.

In addition, organizations which are religious in nature, but have offerings independent of religion, may apply for a grant only if the program or project falls under a separate 501(c)(3). In other words, programs or projects of organizations that have a mission focused on religious teachings or practices will not be funded unless a separate tax-exempt entity exists for receiving Impact100 SJ funds that is not under their purview, and if the funding is requested for activities or initiatives that do not contain a religious component.

Will Impact100 SJ fund technology expenditures?

Yes. We will fund capital expenditures that are clearly related to the core mission of an organization.

Your guidelines indicate you will not fund capital campaigns. Will you fund capital expenditures as part of a proposal?

Yes. We will fund capital expenditures that are clearly related to the core mission of an organization. 

What kind of communication from Impact100 SJ can we expect during the grant process?

We will initially notify you that we have received your proposal. Following review of your proposal, we will then notify you if we are requesting a site visit, and then again if you are a finalist. We will also notify you if we have any questions about your submissions.

In order for our grant review to be fair, we do not respond to any unsolicited communication apart from questions about the guidelines or the grants process, which may be directed to us at grants@impact100sj.org.

Is there a period of time in which the grant money must be spent?

The organization receiving the grant has up to 24 months to spend the grant.

How does Impact100 SJ pay out the grant money?

Prior to the release of grant funds, the recipient must complete an Impact100 SJ Grant Agreement. The Grant Agreement is a legal document that specifies that various terms of the grant so that we can be sure that the grant funds are spent in a responsible manner, consistent with the project that was voted on by the Impact100 SJ membership.

We may distribute grants in installments or in a one-time payment, depending on the nature of the project or program. Grantees must submit periodic reports to Impact100 SJ on the project or program detailing its progress as specified in the grant agreement and prior to installment payments.

Once an organization receives a grant from Impact100SJ, can it ever reapply?

If your organization is awarded the grant, it cannot reapply for three years, or for the following three grant cycles. If your organization applies and does not receive the grant – even if it is selected as a finalist – it can reapply the following year.

If we submit a proposal this year that is not funded, how soon before we can reapply?

You may reapply the following year.

Requests to Grant Applicants

  • Please do not call or contact Impact100 members, as all members are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the grant process.
  • Questions about the grant process only may be sent to grants@impact100sj.com.