Charter Members

We would like to thank this special group of ladies for becoming Charter Members of Impact100 South Jersey.  On behalf of the Founding Members, we are truly grateful that during the fall of 2017, 74 of you chose to join with other women in our community who are committed to making a difference.  The collective resources of this group have funded a $74,000 grant for a South Jersey non-profit in 2018. 

Lee Albright
Jennifer Alleva
Ann Baiada
Jill Ballard
Susan Bass Levin
Lucy Beard
Pam Brant
Jackie Burke
Cindy Cipriani
Beatrice Clark
Nina Cohen
Colleen Connell
Michelle Corea
Michele Daloisio
Jennifer DelMonte
Theresa DiVietro
Paula Fairley
Kelly Fischer
Jennifer Fontaine
Mary Foukleva
Barbara Friedman
Jennifer Garefino
Irene Giman
Debra Gips
Lois Greco
Judy Greenberg
Nancy Gulick
Holly Haines
Mindy Hauptman
Christine Healey
Mindy Holman
Lynn Horan
Nancy Jerome
Marci Jordan
Tina Kemps
Katherine Kinsey
Orsula Knowlton

Flora Koumatos
Carly Kubat
Jennifer Laver
Amy Leis
Stefanie Levine-Cohen
Barbara Little
Elizabeth Mangino-Wallace
Jane Martin
Gina Merritt-Epps
Marie Messina
Ginny Moles
Kim Moon
Teressa Moore Griffin
Tracey Moyer
Christine Murphy
Emily Orel
Lisa Paparone
Devon Perry
Cynthia Quinton
Mary Lynne Reynolds
Kyle Ruffin
Merilee Rutolo
Alice Sandmeyer
Victoria Schall
Valerie Schlitt
Rosalie Scotti
Ann Silvestri
Karen Swartley
Fran Sykes
Sarah Tambussi
Terri Teitelbaum
Ann Thomas
Liz Thomas
Barbara Wallace
Nancy Weber
Patti Withington
Rita Wood